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Kelli Berglund: 10 Things You Need To Know About Her and ‘Christmas of Many Colors’

As one of young Hollywood’s brightest stars on the rise, Kelli first made a name for herself starring on Disney XD’s hit series “Lab Rats” and “Lab Rats Elite Force.” This winter, Kelli will break out of Disney to star as ‘Willadeene Parton’ in NBC’s highly anticipated special “Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.”  The show is a sequel to last year’s “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors” which brought in nearly 16 million viewers, the most-watched film on broadcast or cable in nearly seven years. Mark your calanders for November 30 to catch Kelli in action.

Outside of her television and film projects, Kelli recently launched a capsule collection clothing line, and has become known for her edgy fashion choices. We caught up with Kelli just in time for her Christmas of Many Colors debut, and we’re sharing ten things you need to know about her.

1. Funniest/craziest thing that has happened on set?

So hard to choose just one moment! One of my cast members and I completely tripped over each other while filming a scene and ended up landing on the floor in opposite directions. The whole crew may or may not have been watching…

2. If you want to spoil me rotten?

I prefer experiences over items. Take me on an exciting trip to a place I’ve never been before!

3. Instagram Story or Snapchat? And why?

Snapchat has my heart! Can’t beat the filters! (I was even one of the filters for a Halloween party this year!)

4. What does you last text message say?

I sent my mom some pictures of my Halloween decor in my house. It looks sick. She’s proud.

5. What are you known for in your group of friends?

I guess that’s a question for my friends! Haha. I’m definitely the busy one. I also always have a plan and do my best to make sure the group sticks to it. I don’t want to say I’m the ‘mom’ of the group, but someone has to keep things in order sometimes!

6. Dream Role?

A crazy cool, but very real indie movie. I’d love to challenge myself to play a role that has major struggles/conflicts that leads me on a crazy journey of some sort. And if either of the Franco brothers were there I wouldn’t be mad about it.

7. Dealing with the pressure of the industry and being a Disney talent?

 You sort of know what you’re signing up for when you step into the ‘Disney machine.’ It’s been such a great experience that I’m very lucky to have participated in. However, being a teenager and growing up can already be tough enough as it is… try having your awkward years put in front of a spotlight for the whole world to see. The biggest pressure probably comes from trying my absolute best to please everyone while still trying to figure out exactly who I am. It’s hard, but this whole experience makes me the person I am today.

8. What’s your favorite part about the holiday season?

Decorating the house, learning new recipes from my mom, spending all my time with my family, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone… The list goes on and on.

9. What was it like being a part of Christmas of Many Colors? 

Amazing! It was like nothing I had ever done before. I really loved the role, and the entire cast made it feel like such a warm, family-like environment. Re-telling Dolly Parton’s story and even having the chance to meet her was a huge honor.

10. The best gift you have ever received? Or given? 

One of the absolute best gifts I’ve ever received was from my co-star, Spencer. He had the painter on set paint me a portrait of my cat, Jesse, wearing a little crown. My reaction was priceless! It was the cutest thing.

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Kelli Berglund Plays “Would You Rather” Exclusively With Popmania!

Kelli Berglund Answers Twitter Questions from Fans

Behind The Scenes Secrets From Our Interview With Kelli Berglund


Major news, Popmaniacs — our fave actress Kelli Berglund stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica for a super fun on-camera interview and it was literally everything. We could have hung out with the brunette bombshell all day long, she was seriously awesome! The Lab Rats: Elite Force star spilled to us everything from major behind the scenes secrets, to all about her cast mates! Feeling FOMO from our hang sesh with Kelli? We’re giving you the behind the scenes lowdown from our hang out with the babe so that you can feel like you were there.

1. She was awesome — Kelli was seriously so fun to hang out with. We could have chilled with the babe all day! Not only is K hilarious IRL, she’s also a major sweetheart. We literally couldn’t have more of a girl crush on her!

2. Her outfit was unreal — Kelli is the definition of style goals. So it’s no surprise that K showed up at our office wearing the *perfect* outfit. She wore a black crop top with black and light pink patterned pants from Topshop! Her outfit was completed with a pair of ahmazing black suede heels. We’re dying to copy this look for our next night out.

3. She loved our emoji stickers — While she was filling out our Official Popmania Quiz, Kelli had a blast sticking our emoji stickers all over it. We can’t wait to share K’s hilarious answers with you!

4. Kelli took our “Would You Rather” challenge like a champ K brought up some seriously thought provoking points while she was answering our WYR’s. We can’t wait to reveal what she said to you all!


Kelli Berglund At Kidabaloo 2016 in Rockford

Kelli Berglund a Star from the Start


With several television, modeling, and commercial credits to her name, Kelli Berglund was destined for success at a very early age. Her ever-growing resume includes appearances on TLC’s Hip Hop Harry, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Bye Bye Benjamin as well as campaigns with Reebok, Old Navy, Hyundai, and Mattel. It is obvious the 20-year-olds star power paralleled with intestinal fortitude, and performance pedigree has allowed Berglund to pave a lane of her very own within show biz.

An “Elite Force” to be reckoned with both in out of the spotlight, this leading lady’s esteemed notoriety has catapulted her star quality to insuppressible prominence. After four successful seasons on Disney XD’s Lab Rats, the burgeoning actress and her bionic squad have shifted gears with the most recent spinoff series of Lab Rats: Elite Force. If you haven’t taken a glimpse at this social media maven’s platforms, then you are truly missing out!

New You had the opportunity to receive some girl time with the young starlet about her personal hobbies, versatile style, latest fashion collection with MUSE, and a fan encounter that left her completely speechless. There is no stopping this dynamic force because she is just getting started.

Since the beginning of the Lab Rats series, how has Bree evolved?

It’s difficult to put into words because she has evolved so much! However, I will say this, she initially started off as a young teenage girl, trying to find her place. It was actually her first time [ever] being exposed to the real world and she was very insecure. I personally believe this led to everything with her wanting to fit in and make friends.

On the other hand, she has another unique side to her! She is [literally] kicking butt and going on missions, which I believe is where she found her overall confidence. Her confidence eventually expanded into additional areas of her life. As she [the character of Bree Davenport] began to evolve, I [naturally] evolved as well. Bree is now a mature young adult who somewhat acts as a mentor to others in the series by showing them the ropes.

What can we look forward to in the latest installment of Lab Rats: Elite Force?

There are so many, really exciting things that will be happening! Of course, we have all of the bionic heroes and super heroes combining into one. Because of this, you will be able to witness all of our powers working together to create a lot of really awesome things. There are also a few brand new villains throughout the season. A little secret that I can’t quite reveal yet but I will admit…something is going to happen to my character, and it is very cool and totally unexpected! Plus, there will be a lot of bonding between all of us and growing relationships that will begin to blossom because this is our first time being an elite force.

If you were truly bionic and had ANY superpower what would it be? How would you utilize your power?

I always tell people that I believe time travel would be really cool. Being able to experience different parts of the world during various eras, in order to get a glimpse of what it was like during that particular moment in time would be amazing. Who knows, maybe you could also prevent bad events from happening.

If you were asked to make a playlist of music describing the Elite Force, what type of song(s) would you include?

Oh wow! There definitely has to be some type of Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith songs included on the playlist especially during our fight scenes! The entire playlist has to be fun and intense comprising of music that will get you excited. However classic Rock and Roll is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of music that would be suitable to describe the Elite Force.

What are some of your hobbies outside of acting?

Sleeping (laughs). Just kidding, but not really! I love spending time with my friends and family because I work [extensively] five days a week. Therefore, anytime I spend with them [friends and family] is really nice. I also really love to dance. Recently I signed up for a couple of dance classes because I have been a dancer my entire life and I truly want to get back into it [dancing] as a hobby.

Congratulations on the launch of MUSE! What are some words you would use to describe the collection?

Hmmm…edgy, chic and versatile. Regardless of your personal style or preference, you can wear the collection. There are a variety of ways to wear the pieces because there are a lot of options to choose from.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

Actually, there are quite a few that I really like. Particularly, a fuzzy sweater that is included in the collection because it is so soft and super comfy. It is unreal! I really love that [fuzzy sweater] and I love the suede jacket that comes in two shades, black and light blue. It’s really cute as well.

How would you describe your personal style?

I have to think about that one because my style has slightly evolved within the last year. I would have to say edgy is definitely a word that would be used to describe my own style. I don’t necessarily revel in keeping up with the latest trends because I like finding unique items to wear and creating my own trends. I absolutely love putting things together that traditionally are not considered in sync. As of lately, sporty, edgy and chic are the three words I would use to describe it as [personal style].

What product or products do you believe should be a staple in every young woman’s purse?

Chap Stick is number one, always. Personally, for me, it is definitely a necessity. A tiny compact mirror comes in handy as well and not just for doing makeup. It is a great resource to check if you have something in your teeth, or on your face. It is very handy and has truly been a life saver for me. Lastly, a small can of dry shampoo I carry [just in case] because you just never know (laughs). Think about it, if you are visiting an amusement park it is really nice to have on hand after you have been riding rides the entire day.  If you do not have a brush and your hair begins to look greasy or all over the place a little dry shampoo can instantly fix it and make it look fresh. The travel-sized ones are the best!

Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?

Oh, yes! A couple of years ago, I did an event with a magazine entitled, BYOU. The magazines main objective is to uplift and inspire young girls to feel good about themselves. BYOU held a huge expo and there were thousands of girls in attendance. I was there to complete an autograph signing and it was one little girl in particular who literally came up to me and started balling uncontrollably. I [literally] said, “Oh, my gosh,” because I was very shocked but also humbled by the experience. She hugged me so tight and cried extremely hard because she was beyond happy to meet me. In my mind, I’m just Kelli but to this one little girl I obviously meant the world to her. I have never encountered something like that before and it is something I will remember forever!

You have a huge social media following. Leading by example, what is the message you would like to convey through your social media?

A lot of people, especially in this industry, tell me what I should or should not post on my social media pages. It is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves! I want to post what I want and I believe the same should apply for every single one of my followers. I have noticed people are very judgmental and can be quite intimidating not just on social media but in life in general. You are uniquely Y-O-U and should be able to live your life to its greatest potential regardless of other’s opinions. If you view my Instagram there are so many rude comments, I receive but I choose to ignore it all. At the end of the day people will say what they want either way. Honestly, if I were to look at the hurtful comments it will definitely get me down and get the best of me. Besides, who wants to live their life in that way! I have to constantly remind myself, these are only people behind a computer screen.

My biggest piece of advice I try to convey is to first and foremost be yourself and don’t try to become or emulate someone that you aren’t. Be happy with yourself and do what makes you happy in life. Also, don’t allow people to walk over you and take advantage because I have experienced that before and trust me, it is a very bad feeling.

Connect with Kelli Berglund:


Twitter: @kelliberglund

Instagram: @kelliberglund
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ONE TO WATCH: Kelli Berglund


Best known for her role as ‘Bree Davenport’ on Disney Channel XD’s Lab Rats Kelli Berglund is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest ‘ones to watch’ for her fresh face and raw talent. Not only an accomplished actress (look out for her feature film Raising the Bar this year), but she is also an extraordinary dancer, having won several awards in lyrical, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, tap, and jazz (and she’s only 20 years old!!). To complement her diverse talents, we switched up her look for something fun and playful with the help of hairstylist Jonathan Colombini.

“My hair has been through so many transformations,” says Berglund. “For the longest time, all I wanted was super long hair, so I wore extensions for years. I did everything I could to avoid my naturally curly short hair. As I’ve grown up and learned to embrace who I am (and be way more comfortable with it), I’m all about my short locks! It’s way less work, and my hair is thanking me for taking out the extra hair that’s been weighing it down for so long.”

No stranger to playing with her hair (she was a platinum blonde just two years ago), the rising star admits that the craziest thing she’s ever done to her hair was ‘rag-curls.’ “When I was younger, my mom tried this technique on me, and when I took them out, my chest-length hair bounced up above my ears. It was the worst.” To help Kelli forget this hair disaster ever happened, we let her in on some of Colombini’s hair magic.

To prep her hair for each look, Colombini used “Sachajuan Ocean Mist and Sally Hershberger Golden Touch Nourishing Dry Oil. With a 1-inch barrel iron, I wrapped the hair around leaving ends out. I then passed my flat iron through the hair to relax the curl and encourage more of a wavy, lived-in look.”

So how can we encourage a natural, effortless look on the reg? Take a tip from Berglund: “I live off of dry shampoo. My hair and skin are both naturally dry, so my hair doesn’t get super oily right away. I can sometimes go 3+ days without washing my hair, which may sound gross, but it’s bad to wash your hair every day! Especially with dry hair like mine. I like to let the natural oils get to it, and when it does start to look a little shiny, I break out the dry shampoo. But believe me, I do know when it’s time to wash it!”

“Ever since I cut my hair, I love wearing it in a messy/wavy effortless look. I curl it with a straightener, and usually add some dry shampoo and texturizing powder for volume.”

On the inspiration for the shoot, Colombini says “Kelli is young fresh and naturally beautiful. So keeping that raw, fresh look was my first inspiration. But, after seeing her work that camera, my inspiration immediately switched to sweet and sexy!”

And channel her inner supermodel she did- whipping her hair and eyeing the camera for each shot. So how did she get so comfortable in front of the camera? Bergland dishes on her ultimate beauty icons: “First is Bella Hadid. She really plays up her natural beauty, and I love that. It’s very classy. The other would have to be Candice Swanepoel. Whether she’s edgy and sexy or all natural, she looks killer.”

So what’s next for the Disney mega-babe? “Time for myself! The past few months, I’ve done some soul searching. It’s time for me to act upon my interests, stay dedicated, and apply that to my career.”

Source: Mane Addicts


Kelli Berglund on set with Disney XD’s new series “Lab Rats: Elite Force” #DisneyXD #LabRats

Kelli Berglund On ‘Pickle & Peanut’ Next Week – Get An Exclusive Look!


Kelli Berglund is guest starring on Disney XD’s Pickle & Peanut on Monday and her character is nothing like you’ve ever seen!

The 19-year-old actress will voice Amanda on the new episode, “Wiz Fest” which centers on Peanut as he meets Amanda at the “Wiz Fest” Renaissance Faire and pretends to share her interests in elves and magic to impress her. When Peanut follows Amanda on a quest around town that leads him into trouble, he questions if Amanda is the right girl for him.

JJJ chatted with Kelli about her new role on the animated show. Check out what she had to say:

JJJ: Tell us about your experience voicing this role.
: I’ve done a bit of voiceover in my years of acting, a few commercials here and there. This experience was a little different though considering it was for a television show! It’s really fun and fast-paced, and you really can’t go too over-the-top.

JJJ: How do you like Amanda? Are you similar to her in any way?
: Amanda is a super mysterious fairy-princess type of character. And I’m obviously a fairy princess, so we’re basically identical. You can never really be sure if she’s being serious or not, and her charm and poise make Pickle and Peanut agree to go on this crazy weird adventure. She means well (I think).

JJJ: How did you prepare for the role?
: I was really excited when I was asked to voice the character of Amanda. I practiced several different voices, some higher-pitched, some breathier, some with a weird accent. I think it ended up being a blend of lots of different things, including that weird accent. It all came together when I was actually in the recording booth.

JJJ: What made you want to be a part of Pickle and Peanut?
: Not only am I repping my beloved Disney XD, but the show is hilarious! My family and I have watched it all together, and it even has my parents cracking up. The humor is clever but goofy.

“Wiz Fest” will air Monday, February 1st @ 9PM ET/PT) on Disney XD. Watch the clip below!

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Kelli Berglund MUSE Clothing Line, Lab Rats: Elite Force Q&A


The Disney Channel has been turning us into emotional wrecks this year. Just thinking about that last episode of Jessie is enough to get the water works going, and we still can’t fathom that there is only one episode left of Austin & Ally.

To add fuel to out emotional fire, we talked with Lab RatsKelli Berglund about the fourth and final season, and she revealed some shocking BTS moments that you’re never going to believe. Even though we’re saying goodbye to the Bionic Island team, by the sound of the spinoff series, Elite Force, it’s gonna be good! According to the 19-year-old brunette, we should also keep our eyes peeled for Bree’s new wardrobe, because it may just feature some of Kelli’s designs from her brand new collection, MUSE. Read all about her awesome collab with The Style Club here:

Congratulations on the launch of MUSE! Can you take us through the early stages of MUSE?
“I’ve been working with my stylist, Adeel Khan, for the past three years, and he’s just really opened my eyes up to style, and high fashion in general. He knew Hilary (Novelle), who’s in charge of The Style Club, and we had this great idea to do a line that is affordable, but still has that high fashion influence. I’m a teenage girl, and I know what girls like to wear, so we collaborated our ideas and came up with MUSE. We went through the design process and had about a four hour meeting with Hilary, and came up with the designs, styles and concepts. The name “MUSE” came right away, and we were like, ‘That’s it!’ I’m so excited with the way everything has turned out. I would wear everything in the line, and I think girls are going to love it.”

What are some words you would use to describe the collection?
“I definitely think it’s very versatile; there are sweeter pieces and colors in there. We have this pink dress, that also comes in black. If you want it to be edgy, you can go with the black. I would say “edgy” is a word that fits in the line. We have pieces that give edge, but aren’t too pushy. I think it’s very expensive-looking, even though it’s not that expensive.”

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?
“Probably between one of the suede jackets, which is so high quality and I’m so impressed with the way it turned out, or this big fluffy sweater that I have, that’s so fluffy it is unreal. I’m all for it.”

We read that you would love for your Lab Rats cast to sport some of the looks from MUSE. Do you think that’ll happen?
“I’ve actually talked to my wardrobe people on set about it, and I would love to incorporate some of my designs into my character’s wardrobe. I think it would be super cool. This year on Lab Rats: Elite Force, I’ve been able to put a lot of my own style into my character’s style. This entire line is my own style, so I think it could work really well with that. It would also be pretty cool to see my own designs on my show. It’s sort of weird, but really cool.”

Speaking of Lab Rats, the fourth and final season is sadly wrapping up soon. What kinds of stunts and action can fans expect to see in the final episodes?
“I’m sad that it’s the last couple of episodes, but things get really exciting in the these episodes. We have this villain that comes in, other than Krane, who’s been the main villain for years. I don’t want to give anything away, but it goes down a very emotional and high-intensity packed path. There’s a lot of action in the last episodes; there was this one scene where we were actually crying in the episode, because we were so afraid that something was going to happen. You wouldn’t think on a Disney show there would be scenes where we are crying because we think something bad is going to happen, but it’s been so super emotional and I think that’s why our show is sort of different. We have our funny episodes and stupid jokes sometimes, but it really does get super intense, which is why I think fans like our show, too. Along with all the action and fight scenes, I’m excited for our fans to also see the deeper stuff.”

Those scenes sound intense! Have you ever gotten hurt or had a stunt go wrong while filming?
“Luckily, that’s never happened. We’ve never been injured or anything, but there have been times when I’ve been super scared to do something. Of course, we have our stunt doubles for like, crazy stuff where we could hurt ourselves. There was one stunt I had to do where I was on these two cable wires, and I don’t think this episode has aired yet. They had to pull me back, like ten feet up into the air, and I had to do a flip backwards, and somehow land as if I had fallen. It had to look like I wasn’t trying, but I had to try to make it look like I was falling. I was just terrified to do it. The first time I did it during rehearsals, I bent my arm a little to the left and it got caught on the cable. I was freaked out and I was like, ‘I cannot do this.’ I ended up doing it a couple of times, though, and it worked out. Other than that, I’m not injured and I’m good!”

What was it like on set the final day of shooting?
“Oh my gosh, there were so many tears on the last day, it’s not even funny. Everyone on this show is like family to me, and everyone feels that way as well; the cast, the crew and every single person. Knowing that Billy (Unger) and I were coming back to do Elite Force, but Spencer (Boldman) and TJ (Williams) weren’t, was really hard for me to handle on that very last day on set. The last scene we did on the last day was a very emotional scene, and it’s where they explain where Spencer and TJ are going to go. It’s sort of sad, because in the scene we were saying goodbye, but in real life we were saying goodbye, too. They told us to keep the first two takes clean, and then the last take we could let all our emotions out, and everyone on set was crying so hard. Luckily, I’m working with the same crew I have for the past four years, so it wasn’t a goodbye with them, but to be saying goodbye to two people that are so dear to me was really hard. But, it’s not like I’m never going to see them again in real life; Spencer actually stopped by set the other day, and it was a huge surprise to everyone. We’re still able to see each other, but it’s weird when that small part of your family isn’t there anymore. It’s all good, though.”

Are any of the sets the same?
“Everything is different. It takes place in an entirely new setting, and of course we have our new characters. I think I would get in so much trouble if I even mentioned what the other sets were (laughs). It’s super secretive right now, but I will say that it is different from the Bionic Island, and it’s very different from the first house we lived in for the first three years of the show. It’s something totally opposite to both of those, so figure it out, I guess! I can’t say anything (laughs).”

Did you keep anything from the original set?
“You know, I actually thought about that. I never took an item with me from the set, but I did take a lot of my wardrobe with me. I really liked everything my character wore, so I took a lot of her wardrobe. In the first two seasons, my character’s thing was Dr. Martens; I wore them every episode and in every color, even super obnoxious colors, so for the sake of old times, I took a pair with me. I don’t know if I’ll ever wear them, but I had to take one pair. There was also a cute floral skirt that my character wore in the first episode that they still had, and even though I would never wear it, I had to take it with me.”

Our readers are super excited for Lab Rats: Elite Force. What has it been like working with some of our fave Mighty Med stars? Has the atmosphere changed at all?
“It’s definitely different, because half of the cast is completely new. I honestly wasn’t sure what it would be like coming into this, because I’m friends with all these guys in real life, but sometimes when you start working with someone, it’s different. Honestly, it’s been so great, and I’ve gotten close to people that I’ve never thought I’d get close to; I’ve gotten really close to Bradley (Steven Perry), who I was always acquaintances with. Now all of us just joke around all the time on set. Of course, Paris (Berelc) is one of my best friends, and it’s nice to have another girl on set after all of these years, especially someone that I get along with so well. It’s fun having Billy (Unger) there, because he’s someone that I’ve been used to working with for so many years. Jake (Short) is awesome, and I honestly can’t say enough good things about this. We all have a very good character interaction going on, and I don’t think any of us have to try to like each other on set.”

Did you guys do anything fun to kick off the merging?
“We actually had a cast dinner that Disney arranged for us; all of our parents were there and our director and producers were there, too. A lot of it was for the Might Med kids because, we’ve worked with this crew, but they haven’t. It was nice to welcome them into our world and talk to everyone about how awesome it’s going to be. It was a really great night and a good idea to kick off the season.”

Do you have anything else you can share about Elite Force or other projects you’ve been working on?
“We have our season finale of Lab Rats coming up, and I’m not exactly sure when Elite Force is going to premier, but definitely sometime next year. I also have a movie coming out called, Raising the Bar, that I filmed last summer in Australia. It’s about gymnastics and it’s super cute. I was a dancer growing up, and along with dance I did a little gymnastics, so I was able to do my own stunts in the movie. It was an awesome filming experience, so I think all the fans of Lab Rats will love this movie as well, because it’s a cute, little story about teamwork and believing in yourself. That comes out next year.”

Source: Teen