Kelli Berglund and her tips for “living fabulously” | Spy News Magazine

If I could trade closets with one person it would be

-I’d love to steal Bella Hadid’s entire closet

The most treasured item in my closet is

-probably my jean jacket or leather jacket. They’re a perfect addition to a cute outfit.

What is your best tip for “living fabulously”?

-To me, a “fabulous” life consists of happiness, self-awareness, and not being afraid to treat yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back when achieving your accomplishments, or treat yourself to a vacation every once in a while. Life is much easier to deal with when you start finding assurance and comfort within yourself.

What is most essential for budget shopping?

-I know many people are afraid to buy something on a budget simply because it doesn’t have a designer name. There are so many pieces of clothing I’ve found that I purchased so cheap, but when paired with the right items, looks expensive!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to splurge on pricey items sometimes. My advice, however, is to pay more attention to how the actual clothing affects you, not the name that’s sewed into it.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

-Denim skirts are making a comeback and I LOVE it. I’ve also really been into cropped sweatshirts and bold patterns. I’ve always been one to get in the habit of buying a million t-shirts (which are so easy to wear), but I’ve been branching out with different variations of styles lately! It’s exciting.

Whats your favorite music to blast in the car?

-My music taste is all over the board. I’m a big fan of hip hop/r&b but I’m also a huge fan of alternative rock. Some of my favorite artist are The 1975, Rihanna, The Neighbourhood, and Ed Sheeran.

What was the most expensive fashion item u’ve ever bought?

-It’d probably have to be a pair of Gucci sneakers I just recently purchased. I’m trying so hard to keep them clean so I wear them very occasionally!

What was your favorite thing you’ve ever worn?

-I’ve worn some dope outfits in several different photo shoots & red carpets, but one of my favorite looks is my black leather outfit from the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere. It was also the first time I ever debuted blonde hair!

Do you read you Instagram comments?

-Honestly, I do occasionally. Sometimes they’re really sweet, sometimes they’re not. If they’re nasty, I simply delete it and forget about it. 

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